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filtered medium sand

FA2 Sand

Also Known As: Concrete or Top Sand

Material: Course clean sand

Size: Medium

Uses: Used as concrete mix, blacktop and utility lines backfill and leveling under patio pavers.

filtered sand held in the hand

FA9 Sand

Also Known As: Mason's Sand

Material: Course clean sand

Size: Fine

Uses: Commonly used in masonry, sand boxes and sweep-in sand for brick pavers.

Cold Patch

Also Known As: Asphalt Cold Mix 

Material: Mixture of crushed stone and bituminous binder

Size: Pea Gravel with asphalt

Uses: Effective for asphalt repair of potholes, cracks, and other defects in blacktop and concrete.

Note: This is a recycled asphalt product , used cold for mending pavement surfaces.

regrind of asphalt

Asphalt Regrindings

Also Known As: Asphalt millings, grindings , RAP (Recycled asphalt pavement) 

Material: Reground asphalt

Size: Fine

Uses: Used to construct or repave roadways. Used for pot hole filling.

Note: Contains fine particles of bitumen and inorganic material produced by mechanical grinding of bituminous.

Pea Gravel

Also Known As: Pea Gravel

Material: stone

Size: 3/8" round, washed, no fines

Uses: Commonly used for concrete blocks, landscaping, asphalt roofing and drainage backfill.