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backfill dirt

Recycled CA6

Also Known As: Recycled Road Mix, Gravel, Bedding Stone

Material: Crushed Concrete

Size: 3/4" or less

Uses: Used for driveways and as a base for patios, sidewalks and retaining walls.

Note: Recycled CA6 is 15% lighter than Virgin.

backfill dirt

Virgin CA6

Also Known As: Road Mix, Grade #8, Compactable #14, Bedding Stone

Material: Crushed Limestone

Size: 3/4" or less

Uses: Base materials for pavers, parking lots and sidewalks. Temporary Materials for rural roads, bike trails and walking paths. Can also be used as “fill” material.

granite stones for walkway

CA7 Aggregate

Also Known As: CA11, ¾ Inch, Binder Stone, Sewer Stone, bedding stone 

Material: Crushed Limestone

Size: 3/4" to 1-1/4"

Uses: Used for bedding stone and for underground pipe, and concrete flat work. Commonly used by plumber to back fill around sewer and drain pipes.

CA16 in hand

CA16 Aggregate

Also Known As: 3/8" chips

Material: Crushed Limestone

Size: 3/8" x 1/8"

Uses: Known for its excellent drainage properties and good compact ability, it is regularly blended with asphalt or used alone as a driveway or walkway blend.

backfill dirt

60-40 Blend

Also Known As: Stone Grindings

Material: Various

Size: Fine but varying

Uses: Often used as a filler for pourable concrete mix.

backfill dirt

FA5 Screenings

Also Known As: Screenings

Material: Various

Size: Soft and dusty

Uses: Often used as bedding around pipes and pavers.